The Pumpkin King has declared that all of our esteemed ticket holding citizens will receive discounts at all of the following businesses:


Mountain Market - Grand Lake
El Pacifico - Grand Lake
Gateway Inn - Grand Lake
White Buffalo Pizza Co. - Grand Lake
Lariat Bar and Grill - Grand Lake
Squeaky B's - Grand Lake
JumpStart Coffee - Grand Lake
K & J - Conoco Strip - Winter Park

Schedule of Events

Once you have your wristband, your adventure at the Circus is entirely up to you! 

Costumes are welcome Thursday-Sunday (not just during the Costume Contest on Saturday)!

Our local participating bar/restaurants will be competing for the Creepiest Cocktails throughout the circus, so be sure to stop in and give them a try! To participate and vote on your favorite drink you must have a 21+ wristband. 


9:00am-- Check In and Registration Opens at Gateway Inn: Receive welcome bundle, Register for contests, Sign up for volunteer shifts


***Limited Tickets Available at Check-In***

4:00pm-6pm-- Costume Party & Contest: Located at the Gateway Inn. Winners announced at 6pm with prizes!

7:00pm-- Welcome to the Show Meet and Mingle @ White Buffalo Pizza Co.: with complimentary Appetizers




12:00pm-- Check In and Registration starts at The White Buffalo: Receive welcome bundle, Register for contests, Sign up for volunteer shifts


5:00pm-7:00pm-- Pumpkin Carving @ The White Buffalo: Kids & adults are welcome to carve pumpkins here OR enter your already carved pumpkin from home into the contest. We will have some carving tools provided, but be sure to bring your own favorite tools if you have them. (You must have a wristband to participate)

7:00pm-8:00pm-- Opening Ceremony & Lighting of the Pumpkins: Pumpkin carving contestants will light and display their pumpkins for judging along the boardwalk (must have  a wristband to vote for your favorite pumpkin)

8:00pm-8:30pm-- Burlesque Show* @ El Pacifico (family friendly variety show with hula hoops, belly dancing, staff performance, and burlesque)

***Definition: bur·lesque: noun: an absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work; a parody***

9:00pm-12:00pm-- Acoustic Eels @ The Lariat Bar & Grill

---All Bar Access After 10pm is 21+---

10:00pm-10:30pm-- Burlesque Side Show* @ The White Buffalo: Burlesque, wing dancing, mime

12:00am- 12:30am-- Burlesque Show* @ The Lariat Bar and Grill: Burlesque, double staff performance, hoops, and balloon burlesque  



12:00pm-- Check In and Registration starts at The White BuffaloReceive welcome bundle, Register for contests, Sign up for volunteer shifts

2:00pm-- Trick-Or-Treating: Businesses Along Grand Avenue/Mainstreet 

3:00pm-7:00pm-- Daven Haven Costume Party & Circus Show:  Daven Haven Costume Party & Circus Show: We welcome one and all to the greatest show of the circus! We will have a large fire pit for warmth and community, two circus troupes will be performing, roaming circus characters will be mingling, sword swallowing, hair suspension performance, fire performance, and our friend Xuza the Art Car will be hanging out with us. ALL AGES WELCOME!

4:00pm- 7:00pm-- Daven Haven Cabaret Show

7:30-8:00pm-- Effigy Conclave Performance: Center of Grand Ave/Mainstreet with 13 Professional Fire Performers will Convene to give us a hot show right before the Pumpkin King effigy is ignited.

8:00pm-- Burning of the Pumpkin King: Center of Grand Ave/Mainstreet

8:30-1:00am-- Roving Interactive Mystery Theater: The Demise of the Pumpkin King: Unlock The Mystery, Center of Grand Ave/Mainstreet
---You've taken in the effigy and the lake. You've spectated the fantastic shows and circus
shenanigans. Now finish your weekend off by delving into the secrets of the Circus Horrificus.
This seven character immersive theater event scatters the cast of Circus Horrificus characters
into the town. Be prepared to interact and learn their stories. Those brave and clever enough
will unearth the origins of these characters and decide their fate.---

Player's goal: figure out what killed the characters 

Mission: Combine the puzzle clues gathered from characters to reveal a final incantation

Finally: Tell the fortune teller the incantation to release the spirits of their curse!

9:00pm-12:00pm-- Acoustic Eels @ The Lariat Bar & Grill

---Bar Access After 10pm is 21+---

Sunday: November 3rd

Bloody Sunday at all Participating Restaurants

“Leave No Trace” is an important part of our event and vital to keeping our lovely town of Grand Lake happy and healthy.  Please take time today to make sure that there is no litter left behind. Everyone caught by the LNT clean up crew assisting in this endeavor will win a special prize. #keepgrandcountybeautiful

*event schedule subject to change

*Collaborating performances by ConSensual Circus and Team WildLyfe Fire


To Volunteer for this event, please call our Volunteer Coordinator at 605-850-8521.



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